Bunker Hill Security 4-channel Surveillance DVR w/ 4 Cameras and Mobile Monitoring Capabilities

Bunker Hill Security 4-channel Surveillance DVR w/ 4 Cameras and Mobile Monitoring Capabilities

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This security system lets you monitor up to four separate cameras at one time! Huge 500GB hard drive gives you over to 2500 hours of recording time. Continuous, motion activated and/or scheduled recording Over 2500 hours of recording capacity 4 infrared day/night cameras 4 channel H.264 network DVR Record, playback, and transmit video Mobile phone and web surveillance Easy setup and navigation with a remote control or mouse, included Includes: (1) 4 channel H.264 DVR, (1) 500 GB hard drive, (4) indoor/outdoor color cameras with infrared night vision, (4) 60 ft. camera cables, (1) 1-to-5 way splitter power cable, (1) 12V/5A power adapter, (1) mouse with USB cable, (1) remote control

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By Average JOE...
Straight up! Wasted "HUNDREDS" of dollars on fancy IP cameras, cctv cameras, ect that either wasn't compatible with computer system or my Android phone, until I walked into Harbor Freight Tools (BALTIMORE).So after many trails and errors I reluctantly purchased a Bunker Hill 4 channel/4infrared cameras & digital video recorder Model 67139 and that was 3yrs ago, and still running smooth.. The newer Model 68332 is upgraded but similar to it's older model 67139 NO PROBLEMS TODAY.. ZERO! My pictures are always 100% sharp during the day, almost in HD color. At night cameras illuminate front & rear yard up to about 10' to 15' enough to ID someone at that range but still have enough visibility to notice a prowler approaching in the dark two blocks away in black and white on my 60" flat screen. I have manipulated the weak LED bulbs in my cameras by purchasing a "IR ILLUMINATOR" from AMAZON. They come in many sizes depending on the amount of area you want to cover with a powerful infrared lighting. YouTube carries a very good demo of a "SL1080-HIGH POWER INTELLIGENT IR ILLUMINATOR". It is very illuminating in pitch darkness up to 300 meters and has a 60degree wide span of coverage or you can surf Amazon inventory and decide what suits you. Just be sure to check owners manual on camera "WAVE LENGHT & VISIBILITY" or call Bunker Hill 1-888-866-5797 and find out what IR ILLUMINATOR is best for you. Your going to have to purchase either a 850nm (NANO METER) or 950nm (NANO METER), one of the difference is the 850nm offers a slight reddish glow at night from its LED bulbs that can be seen... But the 950nm offers total invisibility and CAN'T BE SEEN by the naked eye for stealth, secrecy, or detecting unit at night... I have the "Invisible IR-200-940 CMVISION 940nm WAVELENGHT 198 IRLED NIGHT INDOOR/OUTDOOR LONG RANGE 50-300ft LED ILLUMINATOR w/FREE 5A 12V POWER ADAPTOR (from Amazon)$79.95 come with automatic low light on & off..it's like DAY LIGHT AT NIGHT but unseen to any intruder... I've since purchase another DVR KIT one for my backyard and have caught undesirables trying to break in my garage, tool shed, urinating,ect..because either they didn't realize the small black cameras were monitoring them or thought it was just to dark to be caught! (CONS) Remote works but sometimes you have to press buttons repeatedly to get working so I use buttons on DVR to pause, fast forward ect, works 100% better. Cameras are weather proof but sometimes moisture and condensation can build up inside housing lens obscuring video.. I solved problem permanently by purchasing a tube of "SEAL ALL SILICONE" at HOME DEPOT $5.BUCKS and with the tip of my finger spread silicone just enough among each seam and crevices on each camera to keep out any rain moisture. Not all cameras have moisture issues but I added extra silicone to protect all my cameras in case there is a possibility of any rain water seeping in... The camera arm is very flexible when positioning cameras but does at times become to loose making camera its self to flop around loosing its original position.. Issue can be solved by first positioning camera into its desired position, then placing gorilla tape on camera housing,then to exterior wall or it's screw base temporarily to keep from moving out of place once positioned, then apply "Seal All silicone" to arm joints liberally and let sit for 5hrs or over night... Will hold through heat and cold, just don't get silicone on lens glass... Going to buy a 3rd BUNKER HILL DVR KIT soon, just wish BUNKER HILL made a 8 or 16 channel DVR KIT...IF YOU FIND SOMETHING BETTER AT $260 minus 20% STORE COUPON GRAB IT.. AVERAGE JOE

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4This system is slightly overpriced, the cameras are small and easily mounted. 60 ft cables may limit installation.
By Jason Cox
I professionally install DVR Camera systems and was tasked with installing this system in a residence. I opted to run the cables under the mobile home to each corner. The DVR box is ok, and is easy to install and setup. The power adapter for the cameras is sufficient and doesn't require mounting a box. The 500gb hard drive is also sufficient for most homeowner needs.

The cables were long enough to reach each corner of the house from a central room. 100 ft cables are usually needed to get from one end of a house to the other, so if you plan on not mounting the DVR at one end of the home, go ahead and buy how ever many 100ft cables you need, with a BNC connector on the DVR end, and RCA connector on the camera end.

The camera mounts are small and very easy to install. The joint requires no tools to adjust and is very simple to get pointed in the right direction. They are NOT capable of hiding the cable under the mount so you will have cable showing wherever you install. This makes it easy for someone to just grab the cable and unplug the power, disabling the camera. If you want to hide the connectors you will have to plug the hole that you run the cable through with a rubber insert or foam. I'd also suggest tying the connector end for the cable and camera together before plugging them in, so if someone or something pulls the cable it won't come unplugged.

The camera signal is ok during the day, but at night under poor lighting you wont be able to see much unless the camera is close enough to it to illuminate it with IR. That's about 5-10 feet. Anything beyond that under poor lighting will not be able to be seen.

The system menus were fairly intuitive and easy to set up. You will have to change the settings when you install it so that it records all the time. I was not able to test the networking capabilities due to the customer not having a local network or internet.

Overall the install was easy, but not as clean as I'd have liked due to the camera mounts being flat and unable to hide the cables. This kit was purchased on sale at Harbor Freight for $250, and I've seen better kits sold on Amazon for less. I would suggest buying a different system unless this kit is priced below $225.

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5love it
By Mr. Mike
very good product cheap but yet very good resutls..a bit fuzzy at long distances....for what you pay for this you can't beat it..

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